This is GoGo


Thanks for stopping! I’m Dee Beau, otherwise known as “Go-Go“! I’m a traveler who educates and explors around the world, and I’m constantly on the go looking for stories, great places, events, as well as making connections with people from around the world.

My life is constantly enriched and transformed from the people I meet while traveling and living abroad. Being a plus-sized girl has never stopped my passion for travel or adventure.  I travel to learn and grow and to break barriers of stereotypes.

#gogoeverywhere  no matter what size you are!

I’m currently in the GCC area, exploring and learning about cultures and places to go.  I’ve been on the go since 2009, and have visited France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, the U.K., Italy, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts, Honduras, Mexico, the Bahamas, Roatan, UAE, India, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, and Thailand.

My goal is to reach 50 countries before I turn 50!

I wont mention when that will be

Follow along and see the world from the view of a plus-sized girl who’s not afraid to explore the world, show the world, and share the world from her own viewpoints!

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